It is the objective of Subsea Control Services to execute engineering design, procurement, manufacture, fabrication, construction, and commissioning activities in such a manner as to achieve a safe, operable facility produced within budget, on schedule and that satisfies Owners requirements.

To achieve this objective Subsea Control Services employs suitable qualified and experienced engineers who are assigned the authority and responsibility required. A Quality Assurance function is delineated as a separate part of the project management staff responsibility for establishing the Project Quality Assurance Plan and project Quality Assurance procedures.   The QA organisation functions as an independent surveillance and audit group for the specified work undertaken by Subsea Control Services.

A project Quality Assurance Plan is developed covering each phase of the project.  This plan is structured, implemented and maintained in accordance with the requirements of  EN ISO 9000:2000 ( Quality Systems - Specification for Design, Manufacture and Installation) for assuring the designated quality.